U.S. District Court of California Updates

Central District

New and Amended Local Rules Effective June 1, 2023

The new and amended local rules listed below will become effective June 1, 2023. A redlined version of these rules, as well as a complete copy of the Local Civil Rules that will be effective June 1, 2023, are available on the Court’s website and accompany the electronic version of this Notice.

Local Civil Rules:

  • R. 56-1
  • R. 56-2
  • New L.R. 56-3
  • Former L.R. 56-3, renumbered to L.R. 56-4
  • R. 83-

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Southern District

Amendment of Local Rules

Good cause appearing, and following a public comment period, the Court amends the following Local Rules to codify its existing practice and require prompt disposition of related case assignment issues as follows:

  • Civil Local Rule 40.1 Assignment of Civil Cases
  • Criminal Local Rule 57.2.1 Related Cases

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