The Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus is pleased to announce the establishment of a new collaborative court that will serve veterans starting in January, 2016. The court will be partnering with the California Veteran’s Legal Task Force, Veterans Administration, Stanislaus County Behavior Health & Recovery Services, Stanislaus District Attorney, Stanislaus Public Defender, Stanislaus Probation Department, Aging & Veterans Services, California Department of Corrections, and the Modesto Veteran’s Center.

The goal of the court will be to provide support and services to address underlying issues that affect the community with the intent of re-connecting the individual with society in a productive, healthy manner; intervene early, and promptly, placing qualified individuals in a collaborative court program; provide access to a continuum of services, including treatment and rehabilitation services; provide ongoing judicial interaction with each individual participant; and strengthen partnerships among public agencies and service providers to increase the availability of services.

The Court received approximately $500,000 through the Judicial Council. As part of the Budget Act of 2014, the Legislature allocated $15 million from the Recidivism Reduction Fund for a competitive grant program to be administered by the Judicial Council of California. The funds are designated for courts to use in the administration and operation of programs and practices known to reduce offender recidivism and enhance public safety.

Stanislaus County currently has a veteran population of approximately 27,000. Of this, women comprise approximately 5 percent. Approximately 4 percent of the overall jail population in the county is comprised of veterans. The court will serve all veterans.

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