The Santa Clara Superior Court has achieved gender parity; as of August 2019, the Superior Court Bench seats 39 female and 39 male judicial officers – making our Court one of the few across California to represent both genders equally at the trial court level. Increasing the diversity of California’s judicial officers to reflect the rich diversity of California’s populace continues to be a top priority for both the Judicial Council of California and Santa Clara Superior Court.

“This is an important and historic occasion in our Bench’s history. We have always been very proud of the diverse and varied backgrounds of our Judiciary. For the first time, we can now say that our Bench accurately represents the gender demographic of Santa Clara County as a whole,” said Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan. She continued, “When I first began in the legal profession, opportunities were not as abundant for women lawyers, and even less as judges. Now I am very proud to announce that our Court has reached gender parity.”

The Superior Court recognizes diversity of its judicial officers that corresponds to the diversity of our County is of paramount importance and, in an effort to support and promote the education and opportunities of some of our County’s underrepresented communities, the Superior Court’s Outreach Committee has instituted both Power Lunch and Color of Justice programs. These programs are designed to expose our County’s youth to the opportunities

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