The San Mateo County Superior Court urges residents to beware of telephone callers falsely claiming to be a Sheriff’s sergeant and demanding payment to avoid arrest for allegedly failing to appear for jury duty.

Several San Mateo County residents have recently contacted the Court’s Jury Division regarding calls they’ve received and in a few instances some have fallen victim to the scam which asks them to pay via pre-paid green dot cards.

“This is extremely concerning to the Superior Court. We never want our residents to be victimized by any means and are particularly upset to learn that jury duty is being used to defraud a public that simply wishes to fulfill its important civic duty,” said San Mateo County Superior Court Presiding Judge John 1. Grandsaert.

Judge Grandsaert hopes informing the public accurately about the Court’s protocols for failing to
appear for jury duty will help the public protect itself.

Court staff will never:
• Personally call individuals unsolicited for failing to appear
• Askjurors for payment for failing to appear
• Ask jurors to provide personal information such as Social Security numbers and credit card or bank account data

The Sheriff’s Office or any other law enforcement agency would also not call individuals on behalf of the San Mateo County Superior Court for failing to appear for jury duty.

Anyone receiving this type of call, or any call that sounds questionable is encouraged to collect as much information as possible from the caller – name, address and telephone number, for example ­ before hanging up and contacting local law enforcement. The Court also informs prospective jurors during orientation about these types ofscams and posts information and warnings on the Court website:

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