The San Diego Superior Court is warning the public about individuals trying to defraud the public by pretending to be court officers or law enforcement officials.

The scammers tell potential victims they owe money for either not addressing an unknown traffic citation or for missing jury duty. The fraudsters demand a cash payment, via a money card, purchased at a convenience store. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has also alerted the community because, many times, the scammers identify themselves as members of law enforcement.

“People need to know the Court will not call someone on the phone to remedy a court issue or fine. The court will send you a written notice; it will not call you asking for money. In addition, the Court also accepts other forms of payment so no one should be insisting you pay a fine in cash,” says Michael Roddy, Executive Officer of the San Diego Superior Court.
Those who receive such a phone call should simply hang up and, if the scammer persists, call their local law enforcement agency.

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