Effective June 30, 2014, San Diego Superior Court will initiate E-filing in its North County Civil Division. Attorneys and the public will be able to file documents with the Court without physically coming into the courthouse. Documents may be filed electronically in North County Civil cases where either: (1) the case is first initiated on or after June 30, 2014; or (2) the case is already pending as of June 30, 2014 and has been imaged by the court. The movement to E-filing in the North County Civil Division is another way the San Diego Superior Court is dealing with the budget reductions imposed over the past six years. Those cuts have resulted in the reductions of more than 170 court positions and the closing of several courtrooms. “The Superior Court’s North County branch is pleased to be joining the downtown courthouse in offering the option of electronic filing for our civil litigants,” says North County Assistant Supervising Judge William Dato. Judge Dato adds, “In addition to making it more convenient for lawyers and litigants, E-filing helps the court process documents more efficiently, which is particularly important given the recent and extensive budget cuts.” For court users, benefits include not having to wait in line at the courthouse or leave documents in drop boxes afterhours. With E-filing, users are able to file through the designated

Vendor in a secure fashion, ensuring all documents related to the filing arrive at the court together. In addition, E-file users have the convenience of submitting documents to the court via their home or office computer, which means extra time to work on their documents without the worry of running to the court to make that 5:00pm deadline.


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