By Elle Chaseton

While I cannot cook, I do want to share my favorite recipe for stress release – also pre-stress magic (like the night before an MSJ filing).

  • Stress Relief: Immersing yourself in a crystal-infused bath can help alleviate stress. The calming energies of the crystals promote a sense of peace.
  • Energetic Cleansing: Crystals absorb negative energies.


  • PREP: Obtain a drawstring mesh nylon-type bag. You can have a set of 10 with pretty colored ribbons closer by tomorrow with Amazon. Keep this bag (which is just plain cute) hanging on your bathtub/shower wall. Clear little waterproof stick-on hooks are available (Amazon). Note: If you are a shower taker then this little hook trick is perfect.
  • Choose your crystals: Choose ones that are both water and salt-safe (not all crystals are).
  • Amethyst – reduce insomnia
  • Black Obsidian – shield against negativity and brings clarity to the mind (if you notice my desk outlined with little black stones . . . )
  • Citrine – boost needed to plow on through
  • Clear Quartz – brings a sense of clarity
  • Rose Quartz – pull your spirits back up
  • Sodalite – deep peace, serenity
  • Smoky Quartz – neutralizes negative energies, alleviates anxiety
  • Cleanse your crystals (Google shall explain).
  1. Draw a bath
  2. Add
  • One cup of Himalayan salt it helps to protect your energy but also strengthens and softens your skin. (Martha Stewart notes that keeping the salt in a pretty clear container in your bathroom with a little wood scoop (see Amazon) is visually zen.)
  • 10 drops (or so . . .) of your favorite essential oil – Lavender oil works perfectly it creates a soft aroma while encouraging you to relax even deeper (do not add essential oil to your shower, you can use shower steamer blocks – Amazon).
  1. Think of the one thing you want to achieve or manifest and picture it as clearly as you can.
  2. Soaking with your crystals for 15-20 minutes.
  • OPTIONAL – dim lights and light a few scented candles.

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