Random Local Rules of Court – Humboldt County

Did You Know?

Rule 1.3 Effective Date of Rules: These rules shall take effect on January 1, 2024

Rule 1.11 Payment of Fees and Fines in Coinage: Coinage of more than $5.00 in payment of any fee or fine shall be counted and rolled.

Rule 1.17 Exhibits on Digital Media: All exhibits offered for admission in an electronic format or on digital media, including but not limited to CDs, thumb drives, flash drives, digital files, or stored on a digital or other electronic media, must be in a “read-only” setting or on media that cannot be erased, such as CD-R, in order to prevent accidental or inadvertent modification or erasure.

Rule 2.11 Reliance Upon Authorities Outside of California Official Reports: Citations to an official reporter must be provided for any legal authority which counsel wishes the Court to review. This includes any state or federal case law, statute, or regulation. If no citation to an official reporter is available, counsel must submit a complete hard copy of the legal authority (such as local ordinances or laws) to the court and all other counsel. Counsel must also comply with CRC 3.1113 (case citation format) and CRC 8.1115 (citation of opinion).

Rule 2.12 Unlawful Detainers: Summary Dismissal for Failure to Prosecute: If proof of service of the summons in an unlawful detainer matter has not been filed within sixty (60) days of the filing of the complaint, the court will dismiss the action without prejudice, according to Code of Civil Procedure section 1167.1.

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