Random Local Rules of Court – Glenn County

Did You Know?

Rule 2.0 B. Return Envelope A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be provided for the return of endorsed-filed copies. Documents forwarded without a return envelope will be placed in a holding bin for a period of thirty- (30) days, after which time they are discarded.

Rule 2.1 C. Stipulation and Order The fee for filing a stipulation and order, regardless of the title of said document, is $20. Unless such a fee accompanies the document(s) when presented, the documents will not be processed.

Rule 3.1 A. Unlawful Detainers Unlawful detainer plaintiffs shall attach to the complaint as exhibits true and correct copies of the written rental/lease agreement, if any, and all statutory notices served on the defendant(s).

Rule 4.0 A Probate Calendar The Probate and Guardianship Calendar is heard on the first, second, and third Monday of the month at 11:00 a.m., at the Willows Courthouse. All guardianship matters where temporary orders are being requested will be submitted to the judge for review and set for a hearing within twenty (20) days. All other probate matters will be calendared for hearing a minimum of sixty-60 calendar days after filing.

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