Random Local Rules of Court – Contra Costa County

Did you know?

Rule 1.6 Activities Prohibited on Courthouse Grounds Commercial solicitation and distribution, posting, and displaying of commercial circulars and handbills inside any courthouse or court walkway is prohibited.

Rule 1.27 Body Worn Cameras Police officers with body-worn cameras shall not activate the recording function of the camera in the courthouse unless involved in a law enforcement activity that involves conducting or assisting in an arrest.

Rule 2.5 Employment While Serving as Juror The Court, counsel and litigants are entitled to the full attention of jurors and therefore jurors are not permitted to engage in any employment or occupation that would affect their ability to properly serve as jurors.

Rule 2.50 Electronic Recording Pursuant to Government Code section 69957, in limited civil actions and criminal misdemeanor and infraction proceedings, the court, at its sole discretion, may utilize electronic recording as a means of generating a verbatim record of proceedings. In those instances, court reports will not be provided.

Rule 2.71(b) Identifying Information on Filed Documents No substitution of a party appearing in person in place of an attorney shall be filed unless the mailing address and phone number of such party is contained in such substitution.

Rule 2.85 Requirements for Service of Process This subdivision applies only to filings with the court. The complete document must, where required, be served on all parties with applicable time limits, and a certificate to that effect must accompany the filing.

Rule 2.121(a) Purpose of Discovery Attorneys should pursue discovery requests that are reasonably related to the matter at issue.  Attorneys should not use Discovery for the purpose of harassing, embarrassing or causing the adversary to incur unnecessary expenses, as a means of delaying the timely, efficient and cost-effective resolution of a dispute, or to obtain an unfair advantage.

Rules 2.122(b) Service of Papers An attorney should never use the mode, timing or place of serving papers primarily to embarrass a party or witness.

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