Random Local Court Rules – Del Norte County

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Rule 5.4 Duty to Immediately Notify Court of Settlement It is the duty of counsel, or the self-represented party, to inform the Court immediately if the case is settled.  Notice must be given to the Court by filing a written notice of settlement, including any required attachments.  Failure to notify the Court in writing of the settlement may be cause for sanctions.

Rule 8.3 Judicial Notice and Reports of Other Jurisdictions A party requesting judicial notice of material under Evidence Code sections 452 or 453 shall provide the Court and each party with a copy of the material.  If the material is part of a file in this Court, the party shall (a) state in writing the specific part of the Court file sought to be judicially noticed, including the name of the document and the date it was filed, and make a copy of it for the Court file; and (b) make arrangements with the Clerk of the Court to have the file in the courtroom at the time of the hearing.  Ordinarily, such arrangements shall be made with the Clerk of the Court at least three (3) days in advance of the hearing; however, if the file is over five (5) years old, additional time may be required for an archive search and retrieval. Rule 2.5 Employment While Serving as Juror The Court, counsel and litigants are entitled to the full attention of jurors and therefore jurors are not permitted to engage in any employment or occupation that would affect their ability to properly serve as jurors.

Rule 9.3 Arraignment At the time of the first arraignment, the prosecution shall make available to the defense counsel a copy of the complaint with all discovery, including police report(s) unless they have already been so provided.  If the defense counsel is not present at the first arraignment, the prosecution shall make discovery available within one (1) court day of the first arraignment.

Rule 10.2 Procedures and Time Frames for Contested Issues Should any parent, child or social worker request a contested hearing on any issue pertaining to juvenile dependency proceedings, the request may be made orally during the weekly juvenile dependency calendar.  The Court shall set the matter for hearing in accordance with the time limitations established by law.

Rule 12.3 Lodging of Proposed Orders A proposed form of order shall be lodged with the Court at the time any verified petition in probate is filed.  Failure to provide a proposed form of order may, in the Court’s discretion, cause the matter to be ordered off calendar or continued to another date.

Rules 14.1 List of Approved Interpreters The Clerk of the Court shall maintain a list of Certified Court Interpreters approved by the Court.  An interpreter will be approved for inclusion upon the list only after the interpreter’s competency has been satisfactorily demonstrated to the Court by such examination or other means as the Court shall require.

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