Placer Superior Court: Announces Launch of MyCitations – An Online Program to Request Reductions in Traffic Fines and Fees

The Placer Superior Court is pleased to announce the launch of the new online MyCitations program. MyCitations allows people with eligible infractions to submit requests to the Court to consider their ability to pay their traffic infraction fines and fees. Individuals can also request a payment plan, more time to pay, or community service in lieu of their fine. Users may submit requests for one or multiple infractions, and they will receive an order from the Court within 30 days.

The Court reviews the request and may grant a fine reduction, payment plans, community service, or more time to pay, or any combination of those options, based on the individual’s ability to pay. The MyCitations Program offers an additional method to those with eligible citations to request an evaluation of their ability to pay. Individuals can still request an ability to pay review by submitting Form TR-320 to the court by mail or at the Court Clerk’s Office or by attending their court hearing and speaking with a judicial officer.

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