New Year, Same You

Right around New Year’s it seems there’s a “New Year, New You” item on every morning show, in every magazine, and all across the internet promoting all the ways you can be a “new you.” It’s a lot, don’t you think? I mean, are you supposed to become a new you every year?

What if I want to be the same me? Let’s talk about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in striving to be your best self and living your best life. After all, we are constantly learning and evolving beings. I believe there is a point when it’s okay to stop being in motion and being in pursuit all the time and just enjoy being the you that you are.

For those of us that want to be the same me, I’d like to propose an alternative. I invite you to join me in a deliberate act of self-love, honoring the kinetic energy of imperfection, and being mindful of the healing in pausing.

I say, “New Year, Same Me.”

So, this year, rather than spending energy on how to be a new me, I am going to focus on being the same me.

I like me.

I like you, too. Let’s be the same us, together!

Ways to have a “New Year, Same Me” moment:

  • Do all the same things that make you happy.
  • Be with the people you love spending time with.
  • Eat the same foods you enjoy.
  • Keep that routine that brings you peace.
  • Keep doing the work that validates you.

Give yourself permission to be the same you that the people in your life know and love. People who love you, truly love you, don’t expect you to be “new,” and don’t require you to be something different. Rest in the comfort of the YOU that you are, or get uncomfortable with honoring your same self in new ways. And OWN all the wonderful parts of yourself, my friends.

Here’s to a new year, same you!


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