My First Conference

By Jessica Melton

Friends. Food. Fun. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think about my first LPI conference. In August of 2021, I attended my first statewide conference at the Santa Clara Hilton Hotel and Convention Center.

This year’s theme is a cruise around the world on the USS LPI, with the first stop being Viva Mexico! Though the food was great and the people even better, my favorite part was learning about how LPI works. Not only was I impressed by the efficiency of the LSS Board members when discussing important business-related issues, I also found that even the most minute details of the entire day were strategically planned out to a “T.”  It is no wonder why LPI (formerly LSI) has been successful for so many years.

In addition, the MCLE/CCLS accredited speaker was extremely knowledgeable about his field of employment law. He talked about the different types of accommodations employees can receive when returning to the workplace after suffering the lasting effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Finally, after a long and exciting day of business, the evening was capped off with a cocktail hour and some delicious food (did I mention the food was good?). On top of all that, we were entertained by a very funny 93-year-old civil rights attorney slash comedian.

I truly cannot wait until I go to my next LPI conference. If there is one takeaway from my first time at a conference it is this: you may come to the event as a colleague, but you will leave as family.

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