The Superior Court of California for the County of Monterey has announced that as of August 30, 2018, Department 12 will be designated “Juvenile Justice Court,” replacing the previous designation of “Juvenile Delinquency Department.”

The designation “Juvenile Justice Court” aptly reflects the Court’s objective of ensuring that rehabilitative services are provided to justice-involved youth at the earliest possible time and after careful consideration of the specific needs of each individual before the Court. Accordingly, the Juvenile Justice Court collaborates closely with the Monterey County Juvenile Probation Department, Monterey County Health Department and its Behavioral Health Juvenile Justice Team, Monterey County Department of Social Services, and Monterey County Office of Education to identify the rehabilitative services and educational environment best suited to promote the success of each individual.

The Juvenile Justice Court and its partners work together to achieve improved public safety, accountability, and healthier futures for justice-involved youth through a family-centered, needs-driven approach that addresses the underlying causes of harmful behavior. This extends to offering services such as counseling for the entire family and assistance with addressing transportation and housing challenges; left unaddressed, such challenges themselves can create barriers to success. Additionally, the Juvenile Drug Court, an eighteen month program that provides intensive treatment for substance abuse, and CALA court, which provides intensive mental health services, are examples of collaborative courts currently serving youth within the Juvenile Justice Court.

Chief Probation Officer Marcia Parsons said: “The Monterey County Probation Department fully supports the Court’s decision to change the Juvenile Delinquency Court to the Juvenile Justice Court, a designation that better describes the overreaching objectives of the Court and its partners in the pursuit of public safety, accountability, and rehabilitation for our justice-involved youth.”

The Monterey County Juvenile Justice Court is deeply appreciative of its County partners and the many dedicated service providers and nonprofit organizations with which the County contracts to provide a broad spectrum of services for justice-involved youth and their families in Monterey County. Most importantly, as stated by Judge Stephanie E. Hulsey, who presides over Juvenile Justice Court, “The Court is very proud of the many young people who, having taken responsibility for their choices, give back to our community through community service, graduate (often with honors) from high school, and, college and/or work force bound, enter adulthood with the insight, empathy, and goals that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives as productive members of our community.”

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