The Los Angeles Superior Court has announced that due to a long-term reduction in juvenile delinquency case filings (i.e., criminal offenses, truancy, curfew violations, etc. involving minors) and an increase in filings of dependency cases (i.e., cases involving minor victims of abuse or neglect), resources used to staff two courtrooms currently hearing delinquency will be reassigned to handle dependency cases. Based upon review of the distribution of juvenile workload, the two delinquency courtrooms to be impacted are departments 270 and 271, located at the Pasadena Courthouse, 300 E. Walnut, Pasadena 91101. Effective Dec. 31, 2015, Dept. 270 will cease hearing delinquency cases. Cases currently assigned to Dept. 270 will be transferred to Dept. 202 at the Eastlake Juvenile Courthouse, 1601 Eastlake Ave., Los Angeles 90033. The Court will send notification to minors and their parents whose cases are being transferred to the Eastlake Courthouse. The following law enforcement agencies who currently file at the Pasadena Courthouse, will file their cases at the Eastlake Juvenile Courthouse effective Dec. 31, 2015:

Alhambra PD California Highway Patrol (Central)
El Monte PD Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (all stations currently filing in Pasadena)
Los Angeles Police Dept. Monterey Park PD
Montebello PD Pasadena PD
South Pasadena PD San Gabriel PD
San Marino PD (all stations currently filing in Pasadena)

Police departments not included in this list will continue to file at the Pasadena Courthouse until further notice.

Details regarding Dept. 271 will be announced in 2016. Until then, Dept. 271 will continue to process cases as usual with the exception of those filed by the police agencies listed above.

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