Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, the Probate Division of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, located at 111 N. Hill St. Los Angeles 90012, will implement the following changes:

Decedent Estate and Trust matters will be heard in all probate departments. Private Conservatorship and Guardianship matters will be heard in all probate departments except Dept. 5.

Department 5                        Hon. Maria E. Stratton

Department 9
Calendar:      Comm’r. Brenda Penny
Trials:             Hon. David J. Cowan

Department 11
Calendar:      Hon. Lesley C. Green
Trials:             Hon. Clifford L. Klein

Department 29
Calendar:      Hon. David S. Cunningham
Trials:             Hon. Daniel S. Murphy

Department 99
Settlement:    Hon. Marvin M. Lager

Also beginning on Jan. 1, 2015, all new settings of Public Guardian and Public Administrator Petitions will be in Dept. 5. Expedited Petitions to Approve Compromise of a Disputed Claim will continue to be set in Dept. 5. All new settings of Petitions to Approve Minor’s Compromise cases will be set in all probate departments including Departments 67 and 79 which will open on Feb. 2, 2015. Existing Public Guardian and Minor’s Compromise matters will remain in their currently assigned departments.

Beginning Feb. 2, 2015, the judicial officers assigned to Probate will be as follows:

Department 5, 2nd Floor               Hon. Maria E. Stratton
Department 9, 2nd Floor               Hon. Clifford L. Klein
Department 11, 2nd Floor              Hon. Lesley C. Green
Department 29, 2nd Floor             Hon. Daniel S. Murphy
Department 67, 6th Floor              Hon. David S. Cunningham
Department 79, 6th Floor              Hon. David J. Cowan
Department 99, 6th Floor              Settlement: Han. Marvin M. Lager
Room 226M, 2nd Floor                  Settlement: Comm’r Brenda J. Penny

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