The Los Angeles Superior Court has transitioned to the next phase of providing for mandatory efiling for all limited and unlimited jurisdiction civil cases. Efiling provides efficiencies and enhances the Court’s ability to maintain complete and easily accessible records.

Note: The Court will implement a voluntary period for efiling documents for complex civil cases and has set a new date for mandatory efiling for complex cases. Please see new dates reflected in the charts below.

Discontinuation of Fax Filings

As previously announced, direct fax filing will be eliminated upon the implementation of mandatory efiling. See the table below for the dates fax filings will no longer be accepted:

Unlimited Civil – Fax Filings Will No Longer Be Accepted after January 2, 2019
Complex Civil – Fax Filings Will No Longer Be Accepted after February 4, 2019

Implementation of Electronic Filing – Voluntary and Mandatory Phases

During the voluntary phase, documents may be presented for filing at the clerk’s office or may be submitted electronically. Attorneys must efile documents as of the dates marked as mandatory.

The implementation schedule for unlimited and complex civil efiling is as follows:

See full notice at: http://www.lacourt.org/newsmedia/uploads/142018121817145518NTACIVILDIVISIONTRANSITIONSTOEFILINGUPDATE12-17-18.pdf

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