Legal Specialization Sections

Legal Professionals, Incorporated, offers membership in six Legal Specialization Sections *

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal/Family Law
  • Federal Law
  • Law Office Administration
  • Probate/Estate Planning
  • Specialty Law

Legal Specialization Sections provide access to continuing education workshops and seminars. Membership includes: access to free quarterly workshops; quarterly newsletters containing up-to-date information, including changes in the law and forms; statewide roster of all members in each section for easy access to local procedural information in other counties; and networking opportunities.  Membership in all 6 Sections includes free live LSS Webinars.

* Membership in the Legal Specialization Sections is separate from membership in LPI and requires a separate application and fee process.

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Why you should become a section member

  • Reasonable annual dues (Dues to join each section are $20, or $75 to join all six sections for LPI® members.
  • Dues for non-LPI members are $40 per section, or $150 to join all six sections
  • Quarterly educational programs which are free to section members
  • California Certified Legal Secretary recertification credits
  • Respect from your employer when you pass on the valuable information learned at the workshops and seminars
  • Professional and personal excellence
  • A majority of all workshops and seminars provide MCLE credits
  • Membership in all 6 Sections includes free live LSS Webinars

Legal Specialization Section Leaders

LSS Coordinator Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS
Civil Litigation Shannon Quigley
Criminal/Family Law Carolina Ramos
Federal Law Laura Pumerville, CCLS
Law Office Administration Maria Gonzalez, CCLS
Probate/Estate Planning Carmen Vasques
Specialty Law Belinda Owens