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In addition to all the upcoming and amazing educational opportunities provided by LPI; LPI’s On Demand webinars and programs offered by other local association we wanted to let you know about some other online resources to help you exercise those brain cells!


Are you interested in learning more about how our court systems operate or would you like to teach your children/grandchildren more about what the justice system is all about? has plenty of free resources.

Here you can compare federal and state courts; learn about the U.S. Court of Appeals; and learn about the difference between the various case types (civil, criminal, appeals, and bankruptcy).

The page also offers: Online Tools Make Civics Accessible to Teachers, Parents, and Teens

United States Courts have a YouTube channel that contains over twenty short videos on topics ranging from Separation of Powers to Civility. has an Educational Resources page: which offers a guide, downloads, recommended cases to use, and resources for a court hearing exercise entitled: Civil Discourse and Difficult Decisions, which is court hearing exercise.

Here you can also find lessons on Financial Literacy, and Amendment Activities that focus on the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.

The last stop on is the Journalist’s Guide to Appellate Courts and Cases: which includes such topics as The Appeals Process; Death Penalty Appeals; and Appeals Raising Constitutional Issues.


Has it been a while since you read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or The Bill of Rights?  Well, America’s Founding Documents can be found here: In addition to these more well-known documents, you can peruse the archive of other historical American documents such as “Jefferson’s Secret Message to Congress Regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” “Act Establishing Yellowstone National Park,” and “Surrender of Germany (1645).” provides you with the text of these important documents, as well as an image of the originals.

Org: ( ) is a companion site to the National Archives and is an online tool for teaching using national archival documents.

One such activity is called, “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” which explores a wealth of historical records dating back to the Revolutionary War which “were produced in the course of the government’s efforts to ensure that Americans enjoy an ample, safe, and nutritious diet.” Learn about the history of farming and farmers in our country, the 4-H Club, stockyards and packing houses, and the battles to improve working conditions for the laborers as well as the safety and sanitary conditions of our food.



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