NOTICE OF FEE CHANGES – Effective July 1, 2014

The following civil fees which are set locally by the Court and based on costs to the Court are being added, specified or updated effective as of July 1, 2014:

• $140 for Daily Jury Deposits (CCP 631(e)).

• $25 + $0.50 per page for a certified copy of an order to the DMV when the Court orders a judgment paid in installments (VC 16379).

• $15 + $25 certification fee + $0.50 per page for a Notice to the DMV of a judgment debtor’s default in making installment payments (VC 16381).

• The following Packet Fees:
– $3 for a Request for Order Packet
– $5 for a Petition to Establish Parentage Packet
– $5 for a Petition for Custody and Support Packet
– $4 for a Summary Dissolution Packet
– $5 for a Dissolution Packet
– $5 for a Guardianship Packet

• $6 for a copy of the Local Rules of Court.
• $4 per case for Retrieval of Files from off-site storage.

A revised civil fee schedule will be posted to the Court’s Web site at:

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