The Fresno Superior Court will transition to a new electronic case management system on Monday, April 13, 2015. The Odyssey case management system will centralize administration for all case types, replacing two systems that currently operate separately for criminal and civil cases. Odyssey will automatically convert approximately 4.4 million existing adult and juvenile case files electronically and retain the original case numbers. To facilitate this large data conversion, the last update to the electronic case search portal (Banner) will be done at 6 pm on March 30. The court will then be closed for the Cesar Chavez holiday on March 31. Beginning on April 1, electronic case management will be unavailable and the court will do manual case processing until April 1 0. This will affect case searches at the public terminals in court facilities as well as Internet searches from external systems. Any information that is needed for case activity between April 1-10 can be obtained in person at the court’s public counters.

Please note that during the manual processing period, court calendars will be posted to our website at

Electronic court calendars (Docket Call) normally available at the B.F. Sisk Courthouse will be unavailable during the ten-day period. Additionally, in an effort to further streamline case processing, the Court will remove all payments over the phone beginning April 1. During the ten-day period of manual case processing, court users will not be able to pay traffic citations in full or sign up for traffic school online, but may still make scheduled monthly payments on the Court’s website.

Once the Odyssey system launches on April 13, a new case search portal will be accessible through a link on the court’s website,, and the court will resume operating the public-use terminals to view public case documents at the courthouses. The Court will also have an e-payment option on the Odyssey portal, which will allow court users to pay their traffic citations online. The electronic court calendars will again be available at the B.F. Sisk Courthouse on that day.

Using the case search portal will be completely free-justice partners will be able to download and print documents accessed through the portal on personal computer systems. To protect the public’s right to privacy, documents containing highly sensitive information that could lead to identify theft or compromise personal safety, as well as records protected by laws, will not be accessible to the public on personal computer systems.

The new Odyssey case search portal will be compatible with many easily obtainable browsers and detailed information on specific browser compatibility will be posted on the court’s website. Though the case search portal will still be very user friendly, it will look different. The most apparent change will be a signing button. For general public searches, the new portal will operate just as the current portal does without requiring a log in. Registration will be required only for members of organizations that are currently authorized to receive specific case documents. Fresno Superior Court Presiding Judge Jonathan Conklin explained that in addition to expanding public access to court records, the new Odyssey system will offer justice partners new conveniences. Odyssey will save time for organizations such as the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, Public

Defender’s Office, Probation Department and Office of Child Support Services, starting with a registration process that is quick and easy. “For the first time, organizations that frequently conduct business with the court will be able to use the case search portal to sign in, look for the case documents they are approved to access, and print them immediately at no cost” he said.

“Additionally, members of the public will be able to use the search portal to locate and copy non-restricted documents at no cost using their own computer and printer.” To further facilitate the transition, the court has been conducting outreach to these entities. These efforts will be ongoing through the Odyssey system launch and afterwards. More information on Odyssey will be available through the court’s website or via email at

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