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Webinar – Narrating the Narrator – February 1, 2024

With all the hype recently about generative AI and other AI software being used, it is imperative the legal professionals understand “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology” to maintain their ethical duty of technology competence. From disinformation, to convincing content, to efficiencies gained by generative AI, the technology has exploded in use in a short span of time.

Learn the positive along with the cautions of how this emerging (or shall we say already emerged) technology affects our day-to-day working and personal lives, and its impact on the legal industry. Key takeaways from the presentation include; “new” AI technology isn’t as new as we think; responsible AI use and understanding of how it works; embracing AI tools intelligently for productivity gains while mitigating risk; use of generative AI in the practice of law; and discovery implications of generative AI.

Jerry McIver

Jerry McIver Director of Trustpoint Cyber Services/Data Privacy Officer for Trustpoint.One

Jerry is the Director of Trustpoint Cyber Services where he helps clients from all industries in information governance and data privacy. He assists organizations in data discovery to comply with data privacy regulations and achieve information governance objectives. Jerry also serves as the Data Privacy Officer for Trustpoint.One, where he supports and maintains the organization’s data privacy program.

Jerry has a collective 20 years of experience supporting organizations with information governance, compliance, legal, cyber, and data privacy needs. Jerry is a Florida-barred attorney and previously served as a HIPAA Compliance Officer for a local health network and acted as the systems analyst and database administrator. He holds the CIPP/US, CIPP/EU and CIPM certifications and is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.

Matt Mahon

Executive Director, Cyber and Discovery Services for Trustpoint.One

Matt is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist and Information Governance Professional with 16 years of experience supporting organizations with information governance challenges and compliance with their eDiscovery obligations. He is the Executive Director of Cyber and Discovery Services at Trustpoint.One where he leads strategy and training, consults with clients, delivers CLE presentations and is a frequent speaker on topics including emoji, internet of things, mathematics of technology assisted review, privacy, information governance and eDiscovery. Matt earned his B.A. in Mathematics Applied Sciences from UC San Diego and was a mathlete.

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