eFiling Tips and Tricks – Protecting Confidential Information

By Christine J. Flores, CBA


Many of you may have received notifications from various courts who are urging caution when using third-party services to collect and organize case filings to ensure that the vendor does not gain access to sensitive information or sealed documents.  Sharing login credentials or designating such a service as a secondary recipient of Notices of Electronic Filing can result in that service having unauthorized access to documents or information which could be sold or republished.

To avoid inappropriate access to restricted information, it is recommended that case participants take the following precautions:

  • Be mindful of their obligations to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information, restricted documents, and documents filed under seal.
  • Be cautious when using third-party services and software.
  • Do not directly link third-party services or software to their PACER accounts.
  • Be mindful of whom they list as secondary NEF recipients and ensure that third-party services cannot access restricted or sealed documents.
  • Determine whether it is appropriate to include a third-party service’s email address as a secondary recipient.

For further suggestions on protecting sensitive information, please visit the website of the Courts that you practice in.

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