Don’t Forget Boss’s Day!

October 17th, is Boss’s Day and have you thought about what you are going to do for your boss?

When thinking about recognition and showing appreciation, please don’t forget the Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders.  Yes, it may seem like a lot especially if you feel compelled to get a gift for your entire leadership team, but the best and most cost-effective thing is to get your co-workers and team members to pitch in. Celebrate everyone together so that no one is left out and everyone can participate.

Here are some cost-effective ideas to show your appreciation to your leaders on Bosses Day:

  1. Sign a team card – don’t make it complicated, a nice card and decorating the desk is a great way to show appreciation.
  2. Give a gift – pool the funds as a team to pick something simple, something you know your boss likes.
  3. Hold an award ceremony – everyone likes recognition. Put your boss on center stage with a fun award ceremony.
  4. Have a party – order some food, get a cake, decorate and have a team party to honor the boss.
  5. Plan a team activity – whether it be a happy hour after work, a team dinner, or even something fun like bowling. It doesn’t have to be complicated, maybe a trivia night or karaoke.  Make it fun and do it together as a team.
  6. Make a video – gather some testimonials from the team and make it a ceremony to make it special.

Showing recognition or a simple thank you to your boss doesn’t have to break the bank.  It is best to incorporate the team so that everyone can participate, whether it be in the office or in a virtual environment.  Just be sure to plan ahead and get it together because time is ticking for 2022.


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