California Supreme Court Updates

California Supreme Court to Implement New Video Conferencing System

The Supreme Court of California next month will begin using a new video conferencing service to support remote appearances during oral argument sessions.

The court will use Zoom for Government service for counsel who choose to appear remotely beginning Dec. 5 for its oral argument session in Los Angeles.

The court previously used the BlueJeans meeting service, which allowed the court to quickly pivot to virtual oral arguments at the start of the pandemic nearly four years ago. However, Verizon announced they would discontinue the service by early 2024.

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Proposed Amended Conflict of Interest Code for Designated Employees of the Supreme Court of California

Length of comment period: 30 days.

Deadline: January 11, 2024, 11:59 p.m. PST

The Political Reform Act of 1974 (Gov. Code, § 81000 et seq.) requires public agencies to adopt conflict of interest codes for their officers and employees.  (Gov. Code, § 87300.)  A conflict-of-interest code is a document that states the rules and procedures by which designated officers and employees of a public agency must disclose certain personal financial interests and to disqualify themselves from certain decisions to identify and prevent conflicts of interest.  The financial interests required to be disclosed are those that foreseeably could be materially affected by decisions that these officers or employees are authorized to make or influence within the agency.  (Gov. Code, § 87302, subd. (a).)

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