California Court of Appeal Updates

New Rule 10.1014 of California Rules of Court

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The Judicial Council recently adopted a new rule (rule 10.1014 of the California Rules of Court) that became effective on September 1, 2023.  The rule promotes the efficient, effective, and proper administration of the Courts of Appeal by increasing the accountability of administrative presiding justices and presiding justices.  The rule allows anyone to submit a contention that an administrative presiding justice or a presiding justice has not properly addressed or managed an important matter related to the administration of a Court of Appeal or a division of a Court of Appeal.

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2nd Judicial District – Court Files Miscellaneous Order 2023-02 Courtroom Protocols

We are pleased to announce the eagerly awaited re-opening of the Second Appellate District Courtroom. Starting with the November 2023 calendar, the Second Appellate District Courtroom will be open for in-person oral arguments. We will continue to closely monitor the public health situation and adhere to any guidelines or recommendations provided by health authorities to ensure the safety of all participants.

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3rd Judicial District – Mediation Program Committee Seeks Applicants

The Mediation Program Committee (Committee) seeks applicants from the Court’s panel of mediators to fill an open position on the Committee. The appointment is for a three-year, renewable term. There is no compensation associated with the position. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please submit your; CV or resume, as well as your responses to the application. Please send submissions to no later than November 17, 2023.

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4th Judicial District Updates 

Division Three Welcomes Associate Justice Martha K. Gooding

The Fourth Appellate District, Division Three, takes great pleasure in welcoming Associate Justice Martha K. Gooding to our esteemed court.  After a period of three years characterized by judicial retirements, we are pleased to announce that all eight judicial seats within our court are now occupied.

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Division One Announced Intention to Destroy Civil Records

The Fourth District, Division One, in San Diego has announced its intention to destroy some of its civil records under Rule 10.1028(d) of the California Rules of Court.

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