Calendaring Basics

While we are talking about learning, the Legal Secretaries Reference Guide (LSRG) is very useful as it has a section on calendaring basics.  This publication is great for those starting out.  Here are a few of the things you can find in this valuable learning guide:

Event: Answer, or other responsive pleading—Filing

Deadline:  30 days from effective date of service of the summons and complaint

Rule/Code:  Code of Civil Procedure section 412.20; Government Code Section 68616


Event:  Complaint and Summons—Service

Deadline:  See deadlines for cases in the court’s delay reduction program within 60 days after filing of complaint; if amended to add a new party, within 30 days after filing of amended complaint. Otherwise, the maximum time to serve is three years from the date of filing the initial complaint. Proof of service on defendants must be filed within 60 days after the 3-year period.

Rule/Code:  Code of Civil Procedure section 583.210; California Rules of Court, rule 3.110

If you would like to see what other information is provided within this useful guide, go to the LPI website to see how you can purchase this book.


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