Due to funding reductions to the court’s budget, the Calaveras Superior Court is implementing the following policy for records searches, viewing of files and photocopies.

Request for records searches:

If you are requesting searches for other than your personal court record, you will be required to leave your list with the clerk’s office. Your request may be made electronically by submitting a Records Search Form. The results of your request will be available within 24 hours.

Request to view files:

If you are a party to the action or the attorney of record, requests will be processed the same day. However, files on calendar may not be immediately available.

If you have a group of files by date or number range, your request will be available the same day by calling the Records Department at 754-9894 or 754-9895 an hour before arriving.

All other requests will be processed within 24 hours.

Request for copies in person:

If your request for copies is twenty (20) pages or less, your copy request will be processed the same day.

If your request for copies is more than twenty (20) pages, your copy request will be available within 24 hours. Upon request, the copies can be sent to you electronically.

The Court will hold on to requested copies for pick-up no more than 10 business days.

Request for copies by mail:

Send a letter detailing the specific court records you would like copied along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check made payable to Calaveras Superior Court, bearing the words “not to exceed (amount) dollars” in the memo section of the check. You will be charged for the copies and any additional mailing cost. A receipt will be returned with your copies.


Individuals will be charged for copies and/or research in accordance with the Statewide Civil Fee Schedule which can be found at

Copy fees are $0.50 per page; Certified copy of Family law Judgment $15.00; Certification fee $25.00 per document, plus $0.50 per page; Records search fee $15.00 for any search involving more than 1 0 minutes.

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