Ash Wednesday

February 22, 2023, is Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday. This is a day of prayer and fasting in many Western Christian denominations. The earliest date that Ash Wednesday can occur is February 4, which happened in 1598, 1693, 1761, 1818, and will occur next in 2285. This happens when Easter falls on March 22. The latest Ash Wednesday can occur is March 10, which occurred in 1666, 1734, 1886, 1943, and will occur next in 2038 when Easter falls on April 25.

Since the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582, Ash Wednesday has never occurred on Leap Year Day, February 29 but it will for the first time in 2096. It will then happen again in 2468, 2688, 2840, and 2992. Easter must fall on April 15 during these years.

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