5 Virtual Court Tips from Judges

By Bloomberg Law

If we have learned anything by the infamous ‘I am not a Cat’ fiasco, it is to make sure that you are technically prepared for your virtual court hearing.  We came across this wonderful video that provides some helpful tips to avoid similar virtual pitfalls when attending virtual court hearings.

Special thanks to Bloomberg Law for allowing us to share this information with our membership.  A very special thanks to those that participated in the creation of the video:

Produced and Edited by Andrew Satter

Specials thanks to Madison Alder & Allie Reed

Executive Producer Josh Block

We also want to acknowledge the honorable court judges that provided their insight as well as their tips to help our attorneys avoid virtual mishaps during a virtual hearing.  In order of appearance:

  • Senior Judge Jed Rakoff, Southern District of New York
  • Chief Justice Harold Melton, Georgia Supreme Court
  • Chief Justice Paula Carey, Massachusetts Trial Court
  • Judge Barry Michaelson, Orange County Superior Court (CA)
  • Chief Judge William Johnson, District of New Mexico
  • Justice of the Peace Nicholas Chu, Travis County Texas
  • Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal, Southern District of Texas
  • Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, Texas Supreme Court

Click here to view the informative video.

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