Effective September 2, 2014 –

Rule 7. Copies of Briefs, Original Proceedings (Writs), Oppositions or Replies to a Writ Petition including Any Exhibits or Appendices Electronic or Paper.

A party submitting an electronic copy of a brief, writ petition, opposition or reply to a wnt petition is required to file only an original and three (3) paper copies. For separately bound exhibits or appendices, one (1) paper copy is still required.

If the exhibits exceed 5MB, the petition may be submitted electronically (e-submitted) alone and the parties may provide an electronic copy of all exhibits in searchable form, with one pdf file for each volume, on a CD, DVD or thumb drive.

A party that does not submit an electronic copy of any document, is required to submit one of the paper copies as scan-ready at the time of filing. “Scan-ready” means the document is unbound and does not have tabs or (for original proceedings) a red cover.

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