Several firms in Santa Barbara County have partnered with the Superior Court in evaluating the efficacy of providing remote electronic access to records via the internet (the Tyler Portal). Consequently, I am happy to report that effective January 2, 2018 the Court will be providing remote electronic access to Civil, Family, and Probate matters where you are the attorney of record. This access allows you to review and download records. California Rule of Court 2.503 Public Access prohibits remote electronic access to records to the public in family, juvenile, guardianship, mental health, criminal, civil harassment, workplace violence, postsecondary school violence, elder abuse and minor’s compromise. Rule 2.501 permits your access stating: The rules in this chapter apply only to access to court records by the public. They do not limit access to court record by a party to an action or proceeding, by the attorney of a party, or by other persons or entities that are entitled to access by statute or rule.

Effective January 2 2081 go to and click the link to learn how to register an request elevated attorney access.

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