San Diego Superior Court customers can now access more information on their Family Court cases without coming to the courthouse via the Court’s website: Beginning January 30, 2017, the Court’s “Online Services” section of the website will provide more information on case activity, or Register of Actions (ROA) for Family Court cases, such as future hearings and filings in a case.

Under the law, the Court is not permitted to have a complete Family Law file available online thus only limited public case file information will be accessible outside the courthouse. Non-confidential Family Law case documents in imaged (electronic) cases initiated on or after August 24, 2015 will continue to be accessible for public viewing and printing via kiosks located at all Family Law Court locations. The public must speak with a clerk at the business counter to access their confidential case files and documents in non-imaged (paper) case files.

“This advancement in the use of the Odyssey Case Management System represents the Court’s continuing progress in replacing an antiquated system and building a modern file management system for Family Law. It provides increased access to Family Law files to the extent we are permitted to do so under the law,” says Presiding Judge Jeffrey Barton.

In addition to information on filing and hearings, the upgraded online ROA now provides:

• Ability to view the ROA at no cost in a printer-friendly version.
• Contact information (address and phone numbers) for attorneys and self-represented litigants.

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