Because of the delay in the opening of its New Central Courthouse, The San Diego Superior Court is asking those scheduled to appear at the new facility (1100 Union Street) to report to the older courthouses that contain the services they seek.

Starting Monday, July 17th, the date court officials said the building services would begin, the Court will set up tables and staff to divert those who may not get word that the facility is not yet open. Litigants involved in Family and Probate cases will be asked to return to the old Family (1555 Sixth Avenue) and Probate (1409 Fourth Avenue) courthouses. The following week, those with Criminal cases that were assigned to the new facility will be asked to return to the Central Courthouse at 220 West Broadway. Potential jurors will be directed to Jury Services at the Hall of Justice (330 West Broadway), if they show up at the new courthouse.

“We have worked hard over the past few weeks to reach out to those who have cases or jury service assigned to the new central courthouse but we know that some people may not get the word. We are doing all we can to ensure we don’t inconvenience the public as they try to conduct their court business,” says Michael Roddy the Court’s Executive Officer.

The decision to delay the move was made because of the need for additional testing of the fire-life system in the 71-courtroom, 704,000 square foot facility. No set date has been given to restart the move process although it’s estimated operations can begin transferring services in early Fall.

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