SAN DIEGO – MODERNIZES TRAFFIC/MINOR OFFENSETEM (Implementation Will Cause Disruptions Including On-line Payments and Scheduling)

Beginning the end of business day, Wednesday, October 18th, the San Diego Superior Court will begin the implementation of a new Traffic/Minor Infraction Case Management System. The case management system, called Odyssey, will replace a 30-year old computer program which is increasingly difficult to maintain. The new system will allow the Court to technologically grow in the future and better align itself with various justice partners and governmental agencies.

The system will eventually allow the public to:

• view citations on-line;
• make payments on an enhanced online system;
• have the ability to see actions in their case (e.g. payment received) and,
• schedule Traffic Court appearances and Traffic School.

The implementation of Odyssey will bring two major changes to Traffic Court:
After the implementation, appearances in Traffic Court will be by appointment only; no drop-ins. The appointment process is being established to ensure more efficiency in the process and guarantee people can get into and out of Traffic Court faster.

Implementation of Odyssey will also end the court’s current telephonic self-service where the public can input payment information via their phones. Traffic Court self-service will now only be available via the web. The public will still be able to make payments via phone conversations with the staff but no more self-service payments via phone.

The Court is warning the public of major service disruptions during the implementation of the Odyssey program.

“A Traffic Court computer system is a very complex program to implement. The Court must integrate information from multiple law enforcement agencies and also distribute collected fees to various government agencies and cities with varying allocations. Implementing a new case management system is a ““rubrics cube”” of programming. Although we have devoted considerable time and effort in planning for this change, we anticipate that there will be glitches and delays during the cutover. One has to take a step backward in order to step forward into the future technology,” says Court Executive Officer Michael Roddy.

Court officials are advising the public the computer program transition will be a slow one and will occur over a two-week period.

The disruptions include:

• Ability to make any payments including;
o Fines or Bail
o Payments on payment plans
• Ability to request an Extension of Appearance Date (Continuance).
• Ability to request Traffic School.
• Ability to schedule a Court Appearance.
• Ability to schedule a Business Office Appointment
• Ability to establish a new payment plan.

To avoid the anticipated long lines at Traffic Court because of the temporary closure of on-line payments, the Court is recommending the public make payments via regular mail service. No other public website services are anticipated to be disrupted during the transition.

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