Pursuant to a Resolution of the California Legislature passed in 1998, establishing a statewide Juror Appreciation Week to be held the second full week of May, the Sacramento Superior Court will honor the important contribution that jurors provide to our courts, beginning May 14, 2018.

Juror Appreciation Week recognizes the over 60,000 Sacramento County residents who serve as jurors each year in Sacramento County and the 300,000 plus members of our community who respond each year for potential jury service. To celebrate the service and sacrifice of jurors, Sacramento Superior Court Judges will provide greetings and thanks each morning of the week.
The statewide theme for this year’s Juror Appreciation Week is “Jury Service: Justice in Action!” Please join us in this recognition of our jurors, whose selfless service constitutes the pillar of the administration of justice in our community.

The Sacramento Superior Court also extends its sincere gratitude to those employers who support our judicial system by providing jury-leave benefits to their employees who serve on jury duty and recognizing the importance of their service to our community.

For further information about this event, please contact Kim Pedersen, Public Information Officer, at 916-591-0050.

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