The Superior Court of Napa County is pleased to announce that the Historic Napa Courthouse will reopen to the public on Monday, January 7, 2019. This facility has been shuttered since August 2014 when the South Napa Earthquake resulted in severe impacts throughout the area, including major damage to the historic courthouse and other facilities.

Since the earthquake, court calendars and services have been reshuffled and handled in various locations, including the Criminal Courthouse and the Jury Assembly Room in the Hall of Records.

Effective January 7, please note the following changes: ·

• The 825 Brown Street entrance will resume as the entrance to the entire facility.

• The Hall of Records entrance located on Coombs Street will be open as required when jurors report for jury duty. ·

• Civil and Probate matters will be heard in Courtrooms A and B. ·

• Family law matters will be heard in Courtroom C. ·

• Courtroom N will be converted to a Settlement Conference room and will be designated as Courtroom SC. ·

• The Jury Assembly Room will continue to be used for jurors reporting for jury duty and will no longer be used as a temporary courtroom.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve made it this far. It’s been a long four and half years and we greatly appreciate the spirit and dedication exhibited by everyone in continuing to serve the public after such a significant natural disaster and lengthy recovery”, said Presiding Judge Elia Ortiz.

Judge Ortiz added, “I want to commend our County partners for their outstanding efforts to bring this project to conclusion, they’ve been great teammates and champions in bringing this facility back online.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the reopening of the Historic Courthouse will occur later.

For any additional questions, please contact the Court Executive Office at 707-299-1100.

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