Monterey County Superior Court is pleased to announce the implementation of an electronic search warrant procedure. This project was initiated in late 2016 with a goal of using technology to improve efficiency within the criminal justice process.

The Court began initial electronic search warrant testing in December of 2016. By August 28, 2017, the Court acquired new wireless tablets and began a formal two week test phase. The project was fully implemented on October 2, 2017 with participation by all Monterey Superior Court Judges.

This electronic process allows judges to review search warrants at any time including after hours and weekends, eliminating the need for officers to step away from their duties to locate a judge for review and/or return of a search warrant.

Additionally, judges are able to respond and review warrants while continuing to manage busy calendars and trials. And even more so, the convenience of the tablets allows judges to respond remotely from any location and no longer only from the courthouses. Additionally, officers can spend their time in the field rather than physically visiting various court locations as pointed out by Presiding Judge Mark E. Hood, “This innovation increases overall efficiency within the court and law enforcement agencies as well as increases public safety since officers are now able to remain in the field rather than commuting back and forth to court.” Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo agrees and stated, “Electronic search warrants assist law enforcement officers to rapidly obtain search warrants and evidence rather than be delayed by having to drive to the Judge’s location.”

Monterey County Superior Court is pleased by the initial success of this endeavor which includes increased response time and overall convenience and efficiency.

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