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Monterey County Superior Court is pleased to announce the addition of the new “Guide and File” feature to its public website. This interactive feature continues the Monterey County Superior Court mission to increase access to justice and to court services by enabling litigants, especially those without attorneys, to remotely and automatically create legal documents for free.

The new “Guide and File” feature is an extension of the Superior Court Self-Help Center. Community members who cannot afford the services of an attorney and need to file documents with the court can access the forms from any computer in their home or local library to submit to the Court through the Self Help Center on the Court’s public website. By selecting the type of problem they are facing, a user friendly interview is initiated. Answering the interview questions automatically fills in the appropriate Judicial Council form, which can thereafter be printed for in-person filing or electronically submitted (for a small fee) through a service provider for e-filing. This feature is especially useful for self-represented litigants with limited access to transportation or those who are geographically distant from the court physical locations. Documents can now be initiated, completed and filed from any remote location at any time of day or night.

People who need to file documents can now complete the forms in the following types of cases: Family Law (including Divorce, Legal Separation or Nullity); Petition to Establish Parentage; Child Custody and Support; Restraining Orders; Petition for Appointment of Guardianship; Request for a Limited Conservatorship; Small Claims; Eviction/Unlawful Detainer; and Notice of Change of Address.

To access Guide and File, visit the Self-Help Center page of the public website and click “File @ Home”: https://www.monterey.courts.ca.gov/self-help/file-at-home.

“The Guide and File feature is the latest addition to the many technological advancements Monterey County Superior Court has implemented to improve access to justice for the residents of this very large and geographically dispersed county,” said Court Executive Officer Chris Ruhl. Guide and File joins the new mobile application, the user friendly updated website, appointment reminders and online access to case records as the most recent innovation to help enhance remote access to court services.