Effective June 5, 2017, Los Angeles Superior Court will mandate electronic filing (efiling) of all documents filed in the Probate Division except for the following:

1. Peremptory challenges or challenges for cause of a judicial officer (CCP §170.6 or 170.1)

2. Original testamentary instruments (wills & codicils), letters, original trust documents, and bond or undertaking documents

3. Trial and hearing exhibits

4. Documents filed in civil cases that are related for handling in the probate division

5. Lodged documents

The Probate Division will accept electronic filings as of May 1, 2017, one month prior to implementation of mandatory efiling, to facilitate the transition. During the elective phase, documents may be presented for filing at the clerk’s office or may be submitted electronically.

Filings received after midnight are deemed filed as of the next business day.

On Feb. 16, a public meeting to provide information regarding electronic filing was held. The PowerPoint from the presentation, along with information from each electronic filing service provider, is posted on the Court’s website at: http://www.lacourt.org/newsmedia/announcements/probate/

For further information about the efiling process, please refer to the FAQs: http://www.lacourt.org/division/efiling/pdf/Efiling_FAQ.pdf or contact any of the Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs): http://www.lacourt.org/division/efiling/providers.aspx


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