The Los Angeles Superior Court’s (LASC) Teen Court program has been named the 2016 recipient of the California State Bar Education Pipeline Award.

Established by the State Bar’s Board of Trustees in 2008, the Education Pipeline Award recognizes the efforts of law-related educational programs that train and support students who are interested in the judicial system and careers in the law.

Teen Court is an alternative early-intervention program that allows eligible juvenile offenders to be questioned, judged and sentenced by a jury of their peers. The program incorporates students, teachers, parents, juvenile offenders, police officers, civic leaders, volunteer attorneys, the Los Angeles County Probation Department, and the Court in a collaborative justice effort to reduce recidivism and encourage juvenile offenders to accept responsibility for their actions and take advantage of an opportunity to avoid the criminal justice system.

“I am proud to say that the Los Angeles Superior Court has supported our Teen Court program as it has grown for more than 24 years,” said Judge David S. Wesley, LASC Teen Court judge and co-founder of the program. “The dedication of our Judges and the passion they have to further social justice, and provide early intervention for troubled youth, have contributed greatly to a new way of thinking about the juvenile justice system. We are thankful for this award, and I am sure that this wonderful recognition of their work will encourage them to continue with great enthusiasm and commitment.”

Students have the opportunity to participate in Teen Court between their freshman and senior years in high school and can continue the program throughout their time in high school.


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