The change to a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system has required the implementation of new telephone equipment and new phone numbers, including fax lines, but is providing the Court with significant annual cost savings. As part of this ongoing upgrade, the El Monte Courthouse, located at 11234 E. Valley Blvd., El Monte 91731, will begin using new fax numbers as of Sept. 30 2016. The new fax numbers are:

ELM – Dept. 1 – 562-753-0216 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Dept. 2 – 562-753-0217 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Dept. 3 – 562-753-0218 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Dept. 4 – 562-753-0219 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Dept. 5 – 562-753-0220 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Dept. 6 – 562-753-0221 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Criminal – RM100 562-753-0222 (not for fax filing)
ELM – Traffic RM100 – 562-753-0223 (not for fax filing)
The existing fax numbers will no longer be available as of Sept. 30, 2016. In order to ensure fax filings are received, attorneys and others who fax file should use the new numbers as of the effective date. All courthouse telephone and fax numbers are available on the Court’s website at LACourt.org under the General Information/Courthouses tab by clicking on the courthouse of interest, then on the General Courthouse Directory link. Please check the Court’s website regularly for the latest updates.


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