The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the Superior Court have received reports from citizens who have received phone calls from an automated line requesting that the recipient remain on the line regarding outstanding arrest warrants. They are then connected to a person who requests the recipients’ social security number.

This is a scam. Neither the Lake County Sheriff’s Office nor the Superior Court in Lake County are involved in this activity, and the calls should be treated as scams. The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who receives such a call to NOT respond to the caller. Do not provide the caller with any personally identifying information, including your name, date of birth, address, social security card, bank information, or credit card information.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating these reports of fraud. If you have any information concerning this, you may email your information to If you have questions regarding criminal cases or warrants, you may call the Court Clerk’s Office at (707) 263-2374.

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